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    We offer up this white rose for our fellow priests and religious who preach the truth of God and who teach the gospel to all nations. May they keep these truths in their hearts so that they may make a practice of the Holy Rosary and taste its fruits. May they have them on their lips too so that they will always preach the Rosary and thus convert others by teaching them the excellence of this holy devotion.
    We offer up this red rose for us who are poor sinners. May the crimson colour remind us that the precious blood of our Lord has fallen upon it for our sake. May it bring true fragrance into our lives and save us from the dangers we are in every day. May our cry be always: Let us crown ourselves with the roses of the most holy Rosary.
    We offer up this mystical rose tree for all the good and devout souls who walk in the light of the Holy Spirit. May their examples and the example of St. Jacinta, St. Francisco and Servant of God Lucia - to whom Our Lady appeared at Fatima - help us plant this beautiful and heavenly tree in the garden of our souls so that we will resolutely say the Rosary every day.
    We offer up this beautiful rose bud for all the little children on this earth. May they say their Hail Marys really well, with great love and devotion to our Blessed Mother. Let all people, the learned and the ignorant, the just and the sinners, the great and the small, praise and honour Mary, night and day, by saying the most holy Rosary.
  • What are the housekeeping guidelines?
    To ensure a peaceful experience for everyone, we kindly ask you to observe the following guidelines: 1. We invite you to conserve electricity by switching off lights and air conditioning when not in use. 2. Kindly wash your dishes and cutleries after meals. 3. Be mindful of other retreatants who may need silence during their retreat. Keep noise levels down after 10pm. 4. Your contribution to maintaining the cleanliness of our centre is deeply valued. 5. Smoking is refrained from within premises. 6. For our stay-in retreatants, towels and bar soaps are provided. Please bring along your personal toiletries for your comfort.
  • Are meals provided for individual retreatants?
    We provide a simple breakfast for individual retreatants, including bread, eggs, and oats. You can use our pantry for simple cooking; we have an induction cooker, cooking utensils, a fridge, and a microwave available. You can consider online delivery or visit nearby eateries accessible by bus or MRT rides. During the school term, the ART training restaurant on the same campus as Montfort Centre is open for breakfast and lunch. Here is their website:
  • What amenities are provided in the room?
    En suite bathroom Air conditioner Coffee and tea making facilities Study desk Toiletries (towels and bar soaps) Wardrobe (with clothes hangers) Complimentary WIFI connection
  • What facilities are provided in the conference room for group retreats?
    Complimentary WIFI connection Complimentary usage of projector, screen, and 2 wireless microphones Flexible seating arrangements to accommodate different group sizes and preferences. Whiteboard, flipchart, and writing materials are available upon request Air-conditioned environment Wheelchair-accessible entrance For more details or to inquire about booking for your group retreat, please contact us directly
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