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A Humble and Contrite Faith

By Rev. Br. John Albert, S.G., Local Superior

The Woman of Canaan at the Feet of Christ by Jean Germain Drouais

Our Lord exclaimed “Woman of Great Faith”.

For St Matthew to record this incident in his Gospel especially written for Jews is a great personal challenge as well as for all his Jewish audience.

Jesus' exclamation or pronouncement must have shocked and surprised even his disciples who wanted Jesus to get rid of her. Even though Jesus seems to sound impolite by saying that He came for the lost sheep of Israel and it is not right to throw the children’s food to the dogs. Jesus seems to speak the plain truth of the purpose of His Mission and who the gentiles were considered in the eyes of the Jewish.

Nevertheless Jesus Heart was struck by the Canaanite Woman’s persistent and trusting faith. Her prayer and invocation of Jesus Son of David truly went into the core of the mystery and truth of Jesus’s Heart.

How can we draw water from the Well of Salvation – the Heart of the Incarnate God and Wisdom?

Only when we are filled by the Holy Spirit and driven by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit works in anyone, enlightening and empowering.

St Paul has said, “No One Can Say Jesus Is Lord” without the Holy Spirit.

May we have the “Humble and Contrite Faith” like that of the Canaanite Woman.

And may we truly seek the Holy Spirit – Giver of Life – to fill the HEART’S OF THE FAITHFUL.



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