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A Time of Transition

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1). But don’t we often wish that the happier times like birth, laughter and dancing would last longer than the painful times like death, weeping and mourning? If only we never had to experience suffering and sorrow, that would be paradise! However, we know that suffering and sorrow are part and parcel of the human journey back to God ever since the expulsion of our ancestors from the Garden of Eden.

Someone once told me that there are only three things which are certain in our human journey – life, death and change. I found this to be very true, especially when it came to change. We may have heard the famous quote from Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, that “Change is the only constant in life”. Like it or not, change has happened, is happening and will happen within and all around us.