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One in Christ (Ephesians 2:12-22)

The first religious congregation I discerned a vocation with a decade ago was the Missionary of Charity. It took me to Phnom Penh for a "come and see" experience during which the sisters brought me to the slums to visit some families.


In a tiny house made of zinc and cardboard, there was no sanitary facilities or electricity. The sisters were well covered to the head (thanks to the wisdom of Mother Teresa for making the sari uniform the way it is) but I wasn't. And for the whole time I was there, I was more caught up with not catching any headlice than anything else. I didn't want to touch anything nor let anything, especially the black colour water on the grounds touch my legs. That was my reaction towards anything unclean... 10 years ago.


Perhaps because I am aware of this, I often wonder how is it that God allows His sacred body to be consumed into my tainted being when I receive Him in holy communion. Yet, He does, and does so willingly, joyfully and lovingly. Apart from the fact that I cannot make Him unclean in any way, I came to discover that it is because He just so desires oneness with me (and you). So much so that He doesn't matter anymore to Himself.


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