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Exaltation of the Cross (Numbers 21:4-9)

Dear friends in Christ,

How have you been?

From today, because there might be value in this, I'll be weaving into our reflections a few aspects of St. Ignatius's spiritual exercises. As you might already know, St. Ignatius wrote a 'manual' of exercises - spiritual (not physical) - for people to pray through towards a deeper relationship with God and a greater commitment to our call to discipleship.

You don't have to pay any attention to these details... but I just thought of letting you know that if you see 'strangeness' in the upcoming overall structure of the reflections, don't be alarmed!! We're right on track...

Some 'strangeness' you will find:

(1) Instead of isolated daily reflections, there will be more continuity over the week

(2) Only a few readings from the week's liturgy would be focused on, including those from the Old Testament

(3) There might be repetition of passages for the purpose of mining deeper for bigger 'gold nuggets'

(4) Application to the context of our work as educators would be made on specific days

I hope that with this introduction, these reflections can facilitate a greater spiritual growth for you.

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Today's bible passage is from the 1st reading:

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By Anchored in Christ.

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