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The Day of the Son of Man (Luke 17:26-37)

Have you heard of the phrase ''Contemplative in Action'"?

I have desired to be a contemplative in action for long but I struggled with it. How do I, when focusing on a situation, still remember God? In class, when I am fuming, how do I hold myself back and consider God and how He's inviting me to respond to the student?

I think it takes years of contemplative prayer, a sincere love for God to offer one's life for His service. And then, with God's graces, being a contemplative in action becomes gradually easier and more natural. It isn't just during our prayer periods that we contemplate God but that this contemplativeness is infused throughout the day that it slowly becomes our 2nd nature.

To be honest, when I lived my day this way, I actually feel much happier and enriched.

Have a blessed weekend.

Gospel & Psalm:


By Anchored in Christ.

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