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The Greatest in the Kingdom (Matthew 18:1-5, 10)

Something I like to do with my little niece is to carry and swing her. She simply enjoys the thrill of it. But isn't it amazing how she trusts me enough not to drop her? Perhaps even more than I trust myself to hold her now when she's getting heavier!!

Adults (myself included!) seem to have learned it isn't all too safe to trust another - what more One who we cannot see! Then comes invulnerability, control, fear, threat...................

I've found trusting in God one of the toughest things in the process of becoming like a little child, and this trust grows at a rather slow pace. It grows only as I personally encounter Jesus and come to know Him and be more convinced it is safe to trust Him with my life. Slow it may be, I still love the changes it makes in me.


By Anchored in Christ.

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