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The Parable of the Ten Gold Coins (Luke 19:11-28)

Dear friends,

Today's the last day I'm sending out these AIC reflections for the year. I really hope you have found them helpful for your spiritual journey. Time flies... AIC is one-semester-old!

Can I please ask for some of your time to give me some feedback on these reflections? Would really appreciate it!

Thank you!

Here's wishing you a restful school holidays. Travelling is still very limited at this time but I hope you can find time and space to get away to somewhere in Singapore (there are a number of available retreat spaces too!) to relax & recharge!!

Stay safe and God bless you.



By Anchored in Christ.

For Catholic/Christian educators to receive reflections based on the day's Gospel following the Catholic Church's Mass liturgy, you may subscribe on Telegram or Facebook.



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