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The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

After hearing from the angel, Gabriel, that Elizabeth is expecting a son in her old age and now in her sixth months, Mary went as quickly as she could to a town in the hills oh Judah. She remained with Elizabeth about three months and then returned home. (Luke 1:36, 39, 56). As an act of compassion to her elderly cousin, Mary visited her and helped her during her third trimester and perhaps after labor. We can only imagine Mary to be hands on in assisting Elizabeth in the kitchen and right after the baby is born; To bathe him, to look after him will be natural and motherly. This visitation is also a call for us to be there for someone in need, be it to family member, a distant relative, a colleague or to a friend who could use some help in any way. Perhaps we can offer our help and visit them in their house if necessary. For me, it happens that one of my colleagues is now pregnant in her 7th month so I will take the chance to be like Mary in visiting her and helping her with the baby. What is your plan?



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